Need to measure heat index? TWL-1S is the answer for Thermal Work Limit and WBGT. Heat Stress Management Like Never Before

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In high wind condition, workers are at greater risk of falling from height. To ensure site safety, Scarlet Wireless Anemometer is designed to accurately measure wind speed.
Noise Hazards at Work
Noise induced hearing loss is irreversible damage to the ears caused by exposure to high levels of noise. Scarlet ST-109 Class 1 Sound Level Meter complies with IEC 61672-1, ANSI, CNS and JJG international standards to give you reliable measurements.


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State-of-Art Heat Stress Detector

Learn TWL-1S in 1 Minutes

Scarlet TWL-1S is designed to measure WBGT and thermal work limit (TWL) heat index. The TWL measures air temperature, humidity, radiant heat and wind speed to come up with instructions for work, rest and hydration plan. We integrate the algorithm of TWL and work-rest schedule based on the latest guideline. The user-friendly interface even showed different colors to ensure users in line with TWL schedule. For example, red means unsafe for work, yellow means buffer zone and green means safe for work.

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  • TWL-1S's friendly user interface has assisted me a lot in implementing the new occupational heat exposure prevention system in the field. This is one of the key elements to success.

    Dr. Sanad Al Sanadi
    Occupational Health Team Leader, ADMA-OPCO
  • Since Commencing the heat stress management program in November 2013, the project has not had a SINGLE CASE of a heat stress related illness despite air temperatures of 45 degrees.

    Simon Lewis
    Project Manager, Leighton Contractors Australia
  • Companies in Abu Dhabi should comply with EHSMS heat safety standards by adopting thermal work limit (TWL) for risk assessment of heat working environment.

    Eng. Ibrahim Khalid
    HSE engineer, Abu Dhabi Municipality HSE Division