Long Range Wireless Anemometer WR-3

Scarlet WR-3. The Wireless Anemometer Designed for Crane Safety and
Wind Monitoring Onsite

Clients Using Scarlet WR-3
0+ Year
Battery Life
0 m
Transmission Distance


Why Choose WR-3

Cable Free

Get rid of traditional cable-type anemometer and avoiding possible risks while operating the machine. The Scarlet WR-3 anemometer gives users a wireless wind monitoring solution.

Long Life

4-year battery life of wind speed sensor in all weather conditions is guaranteed. The sensor is designed to use in rigid environments such as dessert, ocean and mountains.

Stay Alert

Never worries about high wind. Develop a safer working environment. WR-3 Anemometer sends automatic high-volume alarms based on user settings.

WR-3 Spotlight

400 Meters

long distance data tansfer

4+ Years

sensor battery life

433/868/900 MHz

wireless transmission module inside

2 seconds

display updating

Scarlet WR-3 Wireless Anemometer

Scarlet SWR-3 is a long range portable wireless anemometer designed to meet the requirements BS EN14439 for safety on Tower Cranes. It has handheld/portable display unit and sensor suitable for both - permanent or temporary installation. Sensor with ball bearings and long life battery ensure long period without servicing. Sensor sends data every 2 seconds so you have instant information about wind speed anywhere in the 400 m radius from the sensor. Each sensor has its own address so several anemometers can operate in close proximity without disturbance.


  • stainless steel ball bearings ensure long life of the sensor
  • up to 2 years sensor battery life, replaceable Lithium battery
  • long range - distance between sensor and display unit up to 400 m
  • shock resistant display unit with rubber sides
  • large digits on illuminated LCD display ensures excellent visibility at day or night
  • low power consumption allow long operation time
  • easy replaceable anemometer cups


    • current wind speed, maximum wind speed and average wind speed (selectable averaging)
    • all standard units (knots, m/s, km/h, mph)
    • professional bar graph
    • temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit degree
    • wind chill
    • subjective ambient temperature dependent on wind speed
    • sound alarm at exceeded wind speed
  • Item Description
    Wind Speed Measurement Range 0.6...50 m/s
    Wind Speed Accuracy +/- 3 %
    Wind Speed Resolution 0.1 m/s (under 9.9 m/s); 1 m/s (Above 10 m/s)
    Units of Measurement m/s, km/h, knots, mph, Bf
    Temperature Measurement Range -30....+60 °C, +/- 1 °C
    Dimensions - Sensor height 210 mm; diameter cup to cup 120 mm
    Dimensions - Display unit 94 x 63 x 28 mm
    Averaging period, selectable 2s, 10s, 30s, 2min, 5min
    Display updating every 2 seconds
    Data transmission every 2 seconds
    Measurement interval 2 seconds
    Transmission frequency 868 MHz / +10dB; 908 MHz, 922 MHz (requested by clients)
    Battery - sensor 1 x 3.6 V AA Lithium battery
    Battery - display unit 2 x 1.5 V AA
    Mounting the sensor mounts on a pipe with ø 20 mm diameter
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  • doc

    WR-3 User Manual WR-3 wireless anemometer user manual version 2014.



    WR-3 Data Sheet WR-3 wireless anemometer datasheet version 2014.