Scarlet WR3 - A Wireless Wind Speed Meter You Can Trust
"The Scarlet wireless anemometer WR-3 might be the best wind speed meter I ever used in my career life. It makes my job much easier and I can monitor wind speed in my office under bad weather conditions.."
John Leavy
Project Manager - Kiewit, Pittsburgh PA, USA


Why WR-3

Cable Free

Get rid of traditional cable-type anemometer. Avoid possible risks from machine operation. Scarlet WR-3 anemometer gives users a wireless wind monitoring solution.

Long Life

4-year battery life of wind speed sensor in all weather conditions. The sensor is designed to use in rigid environments such as dessert, ocean and mountains.

Stay Alert

Never worries about high wind. Develop a safer working environment. WR-3 Anemometer sends automatic high-volume alarms based on user settings.

Wireless Sensor

WR-3 adopts 433/868/900 MHz wireless technology to ensure better performance for barrier penetration and achieving long range transmission. The sensors start sending data when wind cups revolve. The sensor will go to sleep mode when wind cups stop revolving for more than 6 hours. Data transmit rate: every 2 seconds.

The ultra-long 400 meter transmission distance makes WR-3 a perfect gadget to help you monitor wind speed on crane and prevent from high wind risks.

wr-3 sensor bearing


Handheld Receiver

Large LCD display shows digital wind speed, temperature and beaufort chart clearly. Anti-slip rubber on two slides helps users hold the receiver in place during work. User-friendly interface and simple button design allows you to operate the device easily with only one hand.

When the wind reaches a certain speed, an alarm will be triggered, and it will continue as long as high wind is detected. The alarm buzzer located on top of the receiver can effectively warn users at the level of 90 dB.


Our Clients



What Our Clients Say

  • I have been using WR-3 on all the lifts in my company for the last 6 months and couldn't be happier with their performances and high quality.

    Hamid Bashir
    Crane Manger Technical Department, DP World KSA
  • We are quite happy with Scarlet WR-3 wireless wind speed meter. It works perfect in our workshops. I highly recommend this wireless anemometer.

    Håkan Pettersson
    Senior Engineer, Support and Services, Saab AB Sweden
  • The Scarlet wireless anemometer WR-3 is the best wind speed meter I ever used in my career life. It makes my job much easier and I can monitor wind speed in my office under bad weather conditions.

    John Leavy
    Project Manager, Pittsburgh PA, USA


Scarlet to Participate in 2016 Dubai WETEX Show

Dubai, UAE — Scarlet Tech announced the launch of LoRa environment monitoring system at Water Energy Technology & Environment Exhibition(WETEX). WETEX is a 3 day event being held from 4th October to the 6th October 2016 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

During the show, Scarlet Tech was showing the latest wireless environment and occupational health monitoring system by using state-of-art technology -Long Distance Radio Frequency (LoRa) Users can monitor up to 50 different environmental parameters such as toxic gases, CO2, CO, radiation, temperature, wind, soil moisture, etc.It is to believe that this new technology will decrease the risks and human resources in routine check-up at worksites and remote areas

"The beauty of the LoRa system is the ultra-long range communication distance (10km-20km) without any cellular connectivity. Many of our clients are located in desserts and off-shore areas whereas the deployment of wireless monitoring system is quite difficult. ScarletSense LoRa system can help solve the communication problems," said by David Huang, co-founder of Scarlet Tech.

“Scarlet’s LoRa Technology provides our customers the features essential to implement IoT and take advantage of the frequent data transmission required to more effectively operate and conserve water. By using a wireless IoT sensor equipped with LoRa, utilities can monitor remote areas, respond to damage, floods and other issues, and improve overall operation efficiency.”

The sensors work in combination with software (either Cloud-hosted or on-premise) that has been developed to provide utilities with a single platform for smart environment management and are designed to relay data to the software in intervals from every five minutes to 24 hours, depending on the use case. This allows data to be monitored remotely, giving companies access to near real-time data, including alerts, alarms, advanced analytics and reporting. The use of low-power LoRa Technology allows the sensors to have a battery life of 5 years assuming 15-minute transmission intervals.



60% of Heat Illness Cases Reduced in the Emirates Group After Implementation of Scarlet TWL-1S

The implementation of thermal work limit (TWL) by Emirates Group showed a great success in reducing the incidence of heat stress cases this summer. Emirates Group has run a pilot scheme of TWL monitoring as part of their corporate Stay Healthy in the Heat Campaign in Dubai in 2013.

The need to monitor TWL was identified in 2012, and the investment in implementing an easy and robust TWL monitoring program has more than paid for itself by reduction of reported heat illness cases. TWL is a heat stress index developed and validated for Gulf conditions. The measurement of TWL includes dry temperature, humidity, wind speed and globe temperature.

In the operation areas of Emirates Airlines, the TWL readings are taken 3 times a day at early morning, mid-afternoon and late evening as planned schedule using Scarlet TWL-1S Heat Stress Detector. The e-mail alerts are sent to all engineering senior managers 3 times per day indicating the risk of heat stress and work schedule. The monitoring team also reacts to request from Senior Managers if they require extra TWL monitoring for specific activities.

All actions are reported by HSE managers to the routine meeting of Safety Board for Engineering on which Engineering Senior Vice President and Executive Vice President sit.

"The result of this pilot scheme has shown some positives. Primarily and most importantly, there is a 60% reduction in the reported heat illness cases during the high risk season from June 1st to September 15th when the temperatures can exceed 50 oC and humidity can be as high as 80-90%," said Mr. Kerry Ross, the HSE Manager of Group Safety.

"An interesting challenge for Emirates in Dubai was managing the sensitive requirements for Ramadan during the summer period. With the help of Scarlet TWL-1S Heat Stress Detector, Emirates Group is able to efficiently and effectively manage the health requirements, risks and sensitivities for those involved," Mr. Ross added.

This campaign had a corporate launch and is supported by senior management. In addition, it has achieved local accountability and responsibility for the different business units to manage TWL according to their business plans. Online learning themes about TWL and road shows in different working areas were introduced with easy quizzes and numerous prizes to encourage participation.



ENOC’s ‘Heat Stress Awareness Campaign’ led by Dubai Health Authority

Dubai Health Authority Launched Heat Stress Awareness Campaign with ENOC

More than 200 staff members of Cylingas, a subsidiary of Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), attended a 'Heat Stress Awareness Campaign' organised by ENOC's Occupational Health Clinic and led by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Public Health & Safety Department at the Cylingas premises in Dubai.

Organised annually by ENOC's Occupational Health Clinic, the campaign aims to strengthen awareness among staff members on the adverse impact of the harsh outdoor working environment during summer, and measures to avoid and overcome heat stress.

Dr. Wasif M. Alam, Managing Director, Public Health & Safety Department of DHA conducted the special training session that recommended various steps to combat heat stress including wearing cotton clothing, wearing hats and applying sunscreen lotion, in addition to maintaining proper hydration by drinking small amounts of water frequently.

Raed Ali El Sheikh, General Manager, Cylingas, said: "One of the key concerns faced by people who are engaged in outdoor work during summer months is the adverse effect of the summer heat. With a systematic heat stress management plan in place, Cylingas has recorded no heat stress cases in the past three years, since ENOC acquired its operations.

"Cylingas is committed to the health, safety and welfare of its employees, partner companies and clients, and we are thankful to Dubai Health Authority and the ENOC Occupancy Health Clinic for organising the awareness campaign, which further strengthens our focus on addressing heat stress effectively."

Waddah Ghanem, Director of EHSQ, ENOC, said: "ENOC's heat stress awareness campaign is one of several initiatives we conduct annually in our overall approach to promoting the health and safety of our staff members. The campaign led by DHA covered all pertinent points related to heat stress management, and presented a total overview on how to avoid and minimise the effect of heat stress. We will continue to focus on initiatives that will enhance the welfare of our employees."

Over the past three years, Cylingas has undertaken several prestigious projects with a commendable safety track-record. The heat stress awareness campaign is part of concerted safety initiatives that the company undertakes with the support of ENOC GEHSQ.

The UAE has enforced mandatory summer breaks to promote the welfare of workers involved in outdoor projects. ENOC's campaign supports the nation's focus on introducing best practices in the work environment.


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